The Movement towards Non-Governmental Organization of Sports in Turkey

By Esin Esra Erturan.

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The aim of this study is to state the qualifications and constitution of non-governmental sport organizations and to discuss their basic problematic issues according to actual developments of Turkish sport management.

As being managed by a governmental institution for 66 years, Turkish sport had a sport reform which brings an autonomy to sport federations in 2004. Nonetheless, the government institute for sport (Youth and Sport Directorate General) is still on duty to coordinate and fund the federations. Thus, governmental decree and autonomous authority of federations draw a chaotic scene of sport’s governing bodies in Turkey. In fact, in addition to these federations, sport's other non-governmental associations like National Olympic Committee of Turkey, Turkish Amateur Sports Clubs Association and sports clubs themselves are having some difficulties to accord this new democratic movement.

In this study the researcher consulted the relevant literature to obtain data on organizational structures and the mentioned issues of non-governmental organizations of sport in Turkey. The discussion through the data pointed out that these organizations including the sports clubs are not fully effective in general sport system, they are literally apart from each other and have no significant cooperation at all. This situation may be one of the main reasons that sport services to public is not much satisfactory in Turkey as in the developed countries that constructed a well-built sport management system.

Keywords: Non-Governmental Organizations, Sport Management, Sport Organizations, Sport Management Models

The International Journal of Sport and Society, Volume 1, Issue 2, pp.117-130. Article: Print (Spiral Bound). Article: Electronic (PDF File; 1.275MB).

Esin Esra Erturan

Research Assistant, Sport Management Department, Gazi University, Ankara, Turkey

I graduate from Gazi University, School of Physical Education and Sport in 2001. I had my Master degree and now studying on the PhD. programme in Sport Management Department of Gazi University. I am on the process of writing my PhD thesis upon “Comparative Analyses of Sports Clubs in Turkey and Germany”. I am also working in this institute as a research assistant. My position at work could be described as to hold research studies with my colleagues relevant to sport management area’s needs. My study area contains many different issues of sport management such as organization theory, sport organizations, comparative sport management, sport management models/systems, sport politics and so on.